Hi everyone! I’m Pamada, a So Cal native (now living in the Bay Area) obsessed with shoes and food. I spend entirely too much time shopping and not enough time drawing. My closet is a never ending rotation of new ideas and styles for me to play with. I could talk about clothing, fashion, and beauty all day long, but for the sake of my friends and family I don’t and created this blog instead.

About my style: My style is ever changing and severely influenced by the trends around me. I don’t believe in being defined by one or two categories. I do, however, believe in black. I love black clothing. Its tends to be the one constant in my closet. That, and being comfortable. I don’t believe in form over function – unless you’re talking about heels.

About my art: I’ve been drawing since the age of 2. Or at least this is what my mother tells me. Walt Disney was and continues to be the strongest influence in my life with anime following in a close second. I love to create cutesy crap – a hybrid of Disney and anime styles. Digital illustration is my favorite media because of how much can be done with it.

About my reviews: One of my greatest pet peeves in life are bad reviews. Seriously, they drive me mad. If you’re going to put your opinion into words, make it good words. Thorough words. And, most importantly, honest words. I will always give true and detailed opinions on this blog. For reference: I describe myself as semi-petite. I have a very short (non-existent really) torso. I stand tall at 5′ 2.5″, which is technically petite, but have a 30″ inseam, which makes finding jeans at the right length difficult. My measurements are 32-26-35.

Contact: pamada.k@gmail.com

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