Express Swim Review Part 2

Time to replace all my swim wear.

Express Swim Top and Bottom | Express Shorts (old) | H&M Shirt (old)

I think I’m in love with Express Swim. Like legit. I know there’s always some level of distrust when a blogger get sent free things, but I’ve always been very honest in my opinions free or not. But seriously. Love. I’m normally a hard core Victoria’s Secret swim girl (particularly the PINK line) but the price point of Express Swim is really hard to beat (especially when paired with coupons or their 40% off sales). After trying on a few different styles, I was correct in thinking that the cheeky bottoms would work much better for my non-existent ass. In any case, I wanted to expand/update on my previous review. I’d only worn my previous swimsuits for a couple of hours last time, but this next set (which, if anyone is wondering was purchased by me and a size small in both top and bottom) was worn for almost a full day.

Express Swim is so friggin’ comfortable. There was no pinching or digging with the bottoms. I even forgot I was wearing swim bottoms under my shorts until I went to the bathroom (totally TMI I know). This midi top is super secure and the strings don’t stretch out or get droopy after a couple hours of wear. I will say the only annoying part is that the removable padding tends to shift around when not worn so there will always be a bit of adjustment needed each time to wear the top. #WORTHIT.

P.S. I also purchased the macrame high neck and strappy triangle top in size small. Both had to be sent back because they were way too tiny for my 32Ds. I’m hoping for a medium to pop back up in the macrame because its absolutely beautiful on.


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