Who What Wear February Review

Sorry, its been a lot of WWW items lately, but that is kind of what happens when you’re a slow blogger (#guilty) and the line released in monthly installments.

In any case, it seems like my Target didn’t get the February 28th memo, so here I am with an early review. I’ve listed the DPCIs as well, in case your local Target is putting stuff out early too. I’ll be updating as stuff shows up (and when links become available).

Knit Striped Dress | Size XS | $29.99 (DPCI: 311-08-0055)

I love 99% of this dress. That 1% I don’t love? The elastic waist that falls on the wrong place of my torso. T.T Sigh. I need to see if removing it is even an option. The midi length is just perfect, and the shoulders actually stay off your shoulders. It looks good with flats or heels and the fabric is stretchy and comfortable. The striped pattern makes it a very versatile piece that can easily be dressed up or down, hard or soft.

In terms of fit, I’d say its TTS and that folks with short torso will have issues. The quality is great, the fabric is a really nice heavy weight knit so there’s no see through and great drape.

Dress in Cream Floating Floral | Size S | $34.99 (DPCI: 311-08-0082)

So.. this dress actually has a skinny necktie attached to it, which I may or may not have pushed behind me instead. Sorry guys, I don’t look good in that kind of stuff and it was an auto reaction to be like “Nope”, not wearing it like that. So its there, just so you know, but I think this dress looks just dandy without it. If I wanted to take this home, I’d probably snip off the necktie and use it as waist tie instead. 😀 This is a pretty simple polyester dress. Its lined (though you can see the lining is significantly shorter), so it makes it very easy to throw on and walk out the door–which is probably the main thing I love about this line. Its all so effortless. I wasn’t super keen on this print initially, but now I think I love it. I’m looking forward to see what it looks like in the short trench. I believe the dress is TTS. My Target only had one available and it was a size small. I felt like the S was a touch too big, so if it comes in XS that would be the size I would pick. Quality is good for the price. I normally don’t expect too much from poly-chiffon, so $34.99 seems about right.

Ruffled Dress in Black and White | Size S | $34.99 (DPIC Black: 311-08-0073 | DPCI White: 311-08-0076)

I really, really wish I liked this style. The fabric is amazing. Its surprisingly polyester, but feels like a silky rayon. Really nice high quality feel and lined. It does seem like this second release of the WWW line is more petite friendly. Both this dress and the one prior would work for regulars or petites, though I suspect it would be more like a mini dress for talls. Sizing is TTS. I’m really not a big fan of ruffles, else I would’ve taken this home in a heartbeat.

Sleeveless Shift in Ebony Floating Floral | Size XS | $29.99 (DPCI: 311-08-0019)

Adorbs! Same material and cut as the otherfluted shifts and I suspect it’ll end up showing under that listing too. This is more and more becoming my favorite pattern of the Who What Wear line. I do wish the dress had more shape to it. Its mostly because I’m petite and the length is too long, but if the dress had more shape them it would balance out better. Just something to be aware of if you’re in the 5’2″ region like I am. TTS and decent in quality.

Chambray Shirt | Size XS | $27.99 (DPCI: 311-02-0109)

Initially I wasn’t even going to look at this because I already own a very nice chambray shirt. I only tried it on for the sake of the blog and was pleasantly surprised to see that its not cut like a normal shirt. Its actually a swing/trapeeze shape so there’s tons of movement. Its really quite lovely. Its mostly TTS, but I do want to try on a small later for length purposes. I feel like where it gets wide is right at the widest point of my hips so I feel more ballooned than I would like.

Sleeveless Striped Top | Size S | $17.99 (DPCI: 311-01-0145)

I loved this. Super comfortable, nice soft material, and will make for a great layering piece. I sized up in this top, as I do with anything that is fitted. I don’t like it when my clothing clings to me, so if that is an area of concern, I do suggest sizing up. I also recommend putting on your make up after you’ve put this top on. The neck hole is quite small, and even though the material is stretchy it’ll still rub your skin on the way down.

Gathered Bardot Top in White | Size XS | $24.99 (DPCI: 311-02-0115)

Disclaimere: I’ve never been a fan of elasticized off the shoulder tops. 99% of the time the elastic band is too strong and causes the top to forever move to the top of the shoulders–which is exactly what happened with this one. I don’t think sizing up would help because the body is already quite boxy and ginormous. There is a bottom drawstring to cinch the waist in but that won’t help so much with all of that extra material. The fabric is nice, however, and barely see through with a dark bra on. Its a thick crepe, which means wrinkles will also show up easily.


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