Who What Wear x Target Review

Sorry, its been a minute since I’ve posted. I’m bad with time management, no ifs and buts around that. Its gotten worse since I started drawing consistently because now all my brain can think about is what I’m currently working on. But y’know, no matter how focused I am on something else, the minute Target comes out with a collaboration.. I’m THERE.

Trench Vest | Size S | $39.99

This trench vest makes me so mad and sad at the same time. Since the Who What Wear lookbook launched I’ve had my heart set on two things. This trench vest and the chambray trench coat (set to launch next month). I’ve been looking for a long army green trench vest for a while now and this totally fit the bill.. except Target decided it only wanted to make sizing run from Small-Large. What the hey Target? What about the XS and XL people? What if we want a cute trench vest too huh? It actually wouldn’t have been that bad if the material was better suited to the cut. Its a cotton/linen blend so there’s more structure than drape and makes all the extra material so much more obvious. If this had been made with rayon, viscose, or lyocell the limited sizing would’ve made a lot more sense (not really, but I’m trying to be nice). I took it home because I’m not ready to let it go, but I honestly don’t know if I will keep it.

Minimal Moto Jacket | Size S | $44.99

Meh. I really didn’t care for this jacket. The cut is off and the material is strange. It reminded me of a high end garbage bag. It was comfortable, but felt too thin and flexible for faux leather, but not really poly-bomber status either. It also only comes in the Small to Large size run. Actually, it seems like most of the outerwear is (at least with this month’s launch), which makes me worried for the trench I want next month. The sleeve on this was very sloppy as well, I forgot to take a photo but the cuff is all wrinkled and not structured like a moto jacket should be.

Mod Moto Jacket | Size S | $39.99

This jacket wasn’t too bad. It’s a bit lightweight for my liking (I like my faux suede to feel more substantial), but for $39.99, its a good deal. The faux suede is very soft and it was extremely comfortable on, however, the fit was too boxy. Like the Minimal Moto, this fit me in the shoulders but was too big in the body, and unfortunately it doesn’t come in an XS either. The color is fantastic, of course, and goes well with pretty much the entire line.

Pencil Skirt in Yellow/Blue Floral | Size 4 | $27.99

I’m wearing a size 4 here because the size 2 was on the manequinn and I didn’t feel like harassing her to borrow it. I’d say this skirt is TTS. While the 4 seems to fit, I think a 2 would’ve been better. It would’ve fit at my natural waist line vs my mid and the hem would’ve ended higher on my leg. Plus I’ve completely loss whatever semblance of butt I have in the 4. πŸ˜› As for the print its both pretty and something I don’t care for at the same time. The skirt isn’t lined but I didn’t have any see through issues when I tried it on.

Birdcage Skirt | Size 2 | $29.99

This was such an amazing surprise, I almost took it home. I might still take it home if its still available in a couple of weeks. I was really skeptical when I saw it on the hanger. Pleats and I don’t really get along and the material felt heavy and a little stiff and I was just imaging my poor hips emphasized in all the wrong places. Well, this proves you should always try before you judge. Its a very flattering skirt. I’m not entirely sure its something I would reach for, however, so I didn’t take it home, but I love it all the same. I almost wish it came in another color. I occasionally work as a photobooth attendant, which means I work a lot of weddings and this skirt would be perfect for that, minus the fact that I’d terrified about getting it dirty during set up and break down.

Midi Shirt Dress in Chambray and White/Black Striped | Size XS | $36.99

Disclaimer: I love shirt dresses, so these were a no brainer to me. I especially love midi shirt dresses as of late because they turn into great long cover up pieces. True to size, but with a loose fit. I took the chambray version home. Its 100% lyocell which is one of my favorite materials. All the great drape and flow you get from rayon or viscose, but heavier weight and non-clingy. The striped one is very soft and silky (100% polyester), but I couldn’t get past feeling like I was wearing a night gown. I found both versions to be very comfortable, and am considering the black one since I think it’ll be a great layering piece to own.

Other things to note:
– I did try on the Front Wrap Culottes but didn’t post photos because I couldn’t get any of the details to show. The black just came out like a big blog. I will say in terms of sizing that the waist on this runs extremely small. I tried on a 2 and it was not flattering. A 4 was better, but still wasn’t great. I didn’t go up to a 6 however because the 4 was becoming too big in the leg area as it was, I didn’t think a 6 would work out. Its a shame because the material is nice and it a unique piece.
– The Cape Blazer seems extremely well made. I tried on a medium and while it was too big, was very impressed with the fabric and flow. Its a midweight crepe and seems to allow for plenty of movement. There are shoulder pads sewn it, but they are easily removable if you don’t like that kind of thing. I’m attempting to track down a small so that I can compare it to my Sheinside one, so I’ll update if and when that happens. Just from what I saw however, the Who What Wear version would be a definite upgrade from the one I currently have.

In general, I feel like this line has some really great basics. Quality of the shirts reminded me of Old Navy, but everything was priced appropriately so no complaints here. The outerwear is very hit or miss and I’m honestly quite miffed at the decision to make limited sizes. The launch, however, was terrible. There were only 5 items available for the longest time, and then suddenly around 8 AM PST everything was available, but most were sold out. In-store trackers weren’t working properly(nor are they working now as I’ve discovered in my hunt for the cape), I got system errors trying to add things to my cart, and every time I tried to add an XS pink blazer to my cart, it added an XL instead. So naturally, I tried adding the XL thinking I might get the XS, but ended up with an XXL in my cart. I’m hoping the second wave in February will be a lot smoother, but it doesn’t seem like Target’s really learned from past collabs has it?


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