Sometimes you just need to learn when to give.

Madewell Tee | Free People Vest (Black version on super sale | note: I went up two sizes for this look) | Express Leggings | Michael Kors Bag | Converse Sneakers

I have a love for furry things. Fur vests, fur jackets (all faux fur of course ;P), but I have a few physical traits that have made purchasing said things rather impossible. I have a semi-short neck and wide shoulders.. when you combine that with a giant fuzzy thing that emphasizes those two traits, its never good. I’ve managed to find an adorable pink one in the kids section at Zara last year, but I have yet to find a cream/ivory version that worked with my body type. Step in Free People. I saw this hanging on a mannequin early fall and knew I had to have it. Its furry, but slimming, and with tons of movement. In other words, perfect. Its not the fur vest I’d been dreaming about, but it works for me.

Now if only I can find a jacket…


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