Be Jelly.

I’ve become obsessed with Twitch. Not the gaming part of Twitch, but the creative part.

I think I stream at least 5 hours a day now. There are so many amazing artists on there that I’m just in awe. And I’m learning a lot. And the one thing I’ve realized is that all of these artists draw on a daily basis.

Which, I think I’m lucky if I get one in a month.

And I’ve tried to draw more consistently before, but I had no real accountability to keep me motivated. Its hard to draw everything when there’s so much of life in the way. So I’ve created a schedule for myself and have 1-2 hrs a day blocked just for art. I also plan on opening up my own Twitch channel soon (this is where the accountability comes in) so look forward to that.

Until then.. be jelly. As jelly as a jellyfish can be that is. This is my second painting using my Cintiq and I’m starting to get the hang of it. I think.


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