Sheer Plaid and Destroyed Denim.

And just a little snip, snip.

Nasty Gal Dress | Zara Jeans | Steve Madden Boots | Rebecca Minkoff Bag

I have certain habits. I tend to get obsessed with things and buy multiples. Like these long plaid shirt dresses; I have three of them now.

I also have a hair habit. Every three to four years, I decide that I can’t take the weight of my long hair and I chop it all off. I like my short hair for all of a month and then experience major hair regret. My poor hair lives in a ponytail until I can grow it back out. Cycle. Repeat.

Except this time I think I may break pattern. I don’t know what happened, or it may be that my new stylist is mind blowingly amazing, but its been over a month now and I’m still in love. Short hair is really difficult for me to maintain, but this cut has been a breeze. Plus I mean, my shampoo and conditioners will last twice as long! This may be a keeper guys. 😉

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