Express Edition Review

Express went luxe.. so of course I had to go and check it out. Unfortunately there’s a no coupon restriction so if you fall in love with something, just know its gonna cost ya.

Express Crop Top (similar) | Express Edition Skirt (Size 4, $198) | Express Heels (similar)

This skirt was at top of my list and all I’d seen was the hem of it! I’m happy to report it did not disappoint. I mean, I was expecting an amazing feathered mini and what I got was an amazing iridescent feathered mini. Its like Express was reading my mind. Despite being treated with this almost oil-slick looking dye, the feathers are incredibly soft and still have a good amount of subtle movement. I placed the skirt under direct light (pictured below) so you could see how many colors are on each feather. Under normal conditions the colors peak in and out as it picks up light, but the majority of the skirt will look black.

As far as sizing goes, it fits true to size, however I sized up to a 4 for length. I don’t mind a short skirt, but Express’ minis have always been extremely short on me, so I size up. So far it seems to work out well without any added bulk to the hips. The rest of the skirt is made with a high quality polyester and feels smooth and soft against the skin. The skirt has a side zip with hook and cloth loops to keep the look seamless.

The price of this skirt is on par with Express’ other feathered minis, even though this is suppose to be part of their Edition line. In fact the fit and shape is exactly the same. Given how unique the color treatment is, I’d it well worth the cost.

Express Edition Moto Jacket | Size 4 | $393 (online) $498 (in-store)

In general I found this line to run a bit small, but in the case of this jacket I’d say it runs a full size small. I sized up to a 4 here and still felt like the shoulders were too tight. I don’t think I’d be able to wear more than a thin shirt underneath it. Leather is suppose to stretch/conform with wear, though I can’t confirm that it will do so here, especially with all the quilted seaming on the shoulders. This is undoubtedly a beautiful jacket. The leather is soft and subtle, though not as buttery as I’d like it to be given the price tag. It has a slight rubber feel. Strangely the one online shows silver hardware, where as the one I tried on in-store had gold. There’s also a $100 price difference between the two right now, so I’m not sure which is the accurate price, but I’ll update when I figure it out.

Express Edition Cut Out Dress | Size 2 | $168

This dress is so pretty in person, the color is much deeper than what is depicted on line. It also unzips all the way down, which is sort of awkward, but I guess makes the dress easier to get into. The fabric is a heavy stretch knit that will show every little bump and curve, so either size up or invest in Spanx! The top ran a bit small for me but I’d worry about sizing up given that the upper torso is already too long (and we wouldn’t want those cut outs to fall too low 😉 ). While I really appreciated the design of this dress, I felt like it wasn’t really different from Express’ regular line. And that includes the choice of materials. In fact the zipper was fairly wonky and kept getting stuck as I tried to zip it up or down.

Express Edition Leather Shorts | Size 4 | $148

I’ll never understand why companies continue to design bottoms with pleats right along your mid section. It is seriously the most unflattering bulge the minute you bend in the slightest. The leather here is similar to the moto jacket, but plushier. The shorts run true to size, unless you have a high natural waist. I would suggest sizing up then, because well.. camel.

Express Edition Leather Pants | Size 2 | $498

I’m not entirely sure why these pants cost more than the moto jacket, but there it is. Again, similar leather to the moto jacket, but I was much more comfortable moving around in these. Despite being fitted, they’re also really easy to pull on. No Ross bathroom moments here. They fit true to size, but like the shorts, if you have high natural waist, I would suggest sizing up if it doesn’t compromise the look of the legs. I really liked the fit/length of the legs and how comfortable the pants felt, but I hated the high rise portion and the two zip pockets right on along the hips. It looks like my hips have eyes and its kind of freaky. Also that weird bulge on my left hip?

Dear Express, please don’t put giant sensors on the inside of a pair of tight leather pants. Its really not flattering or good for the leather!

Express Edition Silk Top | Size XS | $68

I love silk. But I hate static. And the minute I tried on this top it was static city. Other than that I really like this top. I actually thought it was going to be too revealing when I saw it on the hanger, but felt very comfortable with the neckline once I tried it on. I think the ties going across the V some how make it feel less revealing. This is an item that I’ll definitely be stalking for sale. The silk feels more like a heavy (but nice) polyester–similar to Aritiza’s cheaper silk tops. Fit is loose, but true to size. The straps are adjustable, so you can pull it up if you don’t want the V to fall so far down your neckline.

Express Edition Metallic Pump | Size 6 | $128

Ugh. I loved these. I really wanted to take them home, but between the price points and well Black Monday through Monday, I could only pick one. The leather is super soft on the outside the the metallic gold is just perfect. Not too brassy or bright, but that fantastic balance of hue that will elevate an outfit instead of cheapen it. The inside sole is also leather, though not nearly as buttery as other shoes in its price point (Ivanka Trump for example). Its also padded, but not significant enough to make a difference while walking. The shoes felt decently balanced and true to size.

Express Edition Lace Up Sandals | Size 6 | $198

It genuinely pains me that these cost as much as the feathered skirt. Another winner in my book. Especially when it comes to the lace up ties. A lot of shoes go too stiff and the laces don’t conform to the ankle/leg well and either cut or fall down. These are soft and very comfortable. The suede is nicely done – very soft and rich in color. These are true to size length wise, but I felt a some pressure around the base of my pinky toe, so I believe these run a bit narrow in the toe box. The sandals are very well balanced, more so than the pumps. (P.S. Sorry for the wonky photo. The manager was giving me the stink eye at this point so I was trying to be covert with my picture taking.)

And thats it! Overall its not a bad attempt by Express for a luxury line. I think its nice the Express stuck true to most of its usual cuts, but with higher end fabrics. And I do think its difficult to break out of that mold when you’ve been a mid-priced line for so long. There is plenty of room for improvement. If anything, I appreciate this line for the feathered skirt it produced. It is truly a beautiful and unique piece. There are a few more things I’d still like try out when I have more time. The clutches in particular looked amazing. I wanted to take a closer look at them, but the in-store set up is a bit simplified and hostile, so I may just order them online later.

Have you guys had a chance to check this out yet? If so, what was your favorite item?

Thanks for reading and happy Wednesday!

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