‘Tis the season for boots.

Especially when you find them at 75% off.

PacSun Shirt | Express Shorts | Tory Burch Boots | Rebecca Minkoff Bag (this seasons blue)

ThredUp (referral link) has become a rather addicting part of my day. Its a great place to sell off your new or used clothing if you’d like to get something back, but don’t really care how much, and either don’t have the time or care to put into selling on your own. This fits me a to a tee. I just shove everything into one of their free prelabeled bags and drop it off at the FedEx store. It takes about a month for them to process everything and the payout isn’t great, but I don’t mind. I average around $50 a bag, which doesn’t seem like much when you consider how much you can actually fit into one of their bags, but it adds up. And sometimes, it adds up to a pair or boots instead. Or a bag. Or a silk blouse.

See the real downside to ThredUp isn’t the amount you get back, its the fact that they hold on to your payout for 14 days. Fourteen days! You know how long 14 days is in a shopper land? Forever. Oh, sure, you can use your payout sooner as store credit.. but that’s just an evil ploy for them to keep your money. Unfortunately its worked more times than not. Though I have managed to cash out most of the time. Every now and then I stumble across something too good to pass up. Like these boots. $160 with an extra 10% on top (if you download their app its like coupons galore every other day) plus my “store credit” basically made the boots free. And who can resist a free pair of designer boots right?


P.S. If you do do the responsible thing and opt for a cash, ThredUp takes 2% out of your payout to cover Paypal fees. Which, is pretty lame, but I haven’t found a way around it yet (or an alternative consignment site that was this easy.. RIP Twice. RIP).

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