Hunter Original Tall Matte Boots: Costco vs. Nordstrom

A couple of weeks ago, Hunter boots popped up at Costco – both online and in-store – at a whooping $79.99 price tag! These boots are normally $150 so this was a fantastic deal. I immediately bought a pair of original talls in the matte black, and then, thanks to a friend, realized that you could price match to Nordstrom! Being the crazy person that I am, I bought a pair from Nordstrom as well…

Left: Costco | Right: Nordstrom

I honestly wasn’t expecting much of a difference, but there ended up being quite a few.. starting with the packaging. I’m guessing the Costco ones are just from a past season – which season I don’t know, but it was before the price increase from $140 to $150. The bottom of the Costco ones have a Von Maur price tag on them that is fairly yellowed and crinkly. The adhesive is still decent, so they can’t be that old, but the boots themselves have obviously gone through a small redesign.

Top: Costco | Bottom: Nordstrom

Left: Nordstrom | Right: Costco

The Hunter boots from Nordstrom are much more matte than the Costco ones. The inside lining is solid black instead of a patterned creme. There is a slight difference between the buckles: the Nordstrom ones are slimmer and have “Hunter” engraved the side, where as the Costco ones do not. The toe box and traction on the sole are also thicker in the Nordstrom ones, and the shaft just slightly taller (though its really difficult to tell in photos). The rubber also feels thicker and more sturdy than the Costco ones. The ones from Nordstrom are made in Indonesia and the ones from Costco are made in China.

Left: Costco | Right: Nordstrom

Top: Nordstrom | Bottom: Costco

The boots fit the same, however. Its just a matter of this season vs. a past one, which isn’t unexpected when purchasing from somewhere like Costco. I’m actually surprised Nordstrom decided to price match the boots, but I guess there was no way for them to tell since the SKU/style numbers haven’t changed.

Top: Nordstrom | Bottom: Costco

While there are a couple things I prefer with the older (Costco) design, I’m ultimately going to keep the Nordstrom ones instead. I love the current packaging as well as the matching interior and, of course, the engraved buckle. I also feel like the thicker traction will be better for walking around. In any case, no matter where you end up getting your Hunters from I hope you have a chance to get in on this great deal.. especially since its raining so much in California right now. ;P

3 thoughts on “Hunter Original Tall Matte Boots: Costco vs. Nordstrom

  1. Our Costco (Almaden Plaza) held the new ones. I also ordered a pair online (the ones I got in store were bit small) and they sent the new style too. Costco had the older style out a couple of years ago. Sadly, all are very tight for my thicker calves and $150 is too much to give (for their Huntress style), even with el nino knocking on our door. I’m going to stay with my Zara pair which fits great and I was able to snatch for $30 online. Enjoy your pair!


    1. Thanks for the info! A couple of my friends recently received their pairs from Costco as well and it looks like its there’s mix of new and old.. which isn’t too surprising either. I’m glad you were able to find a pair that worked for you (and at such a steal! jealous). 🙂


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