The Balmain That ALMOST Happened.

I didn’t quite make it to Balmain, but I did find a pretty dress to make up for it.

Edit: H&M has free shipping–no minimum today only! Use code 3236.

Unlike Target collabs, I normally roll out of bed at a decent hour, have some coffee and get to H&M around 10 AM, just after all the craze has died down, and pick at the leftovers. Its not that I don’t like H&M collaborations – I do (really, who wouldn’t its probably the closest to legit designer you can get without actually getting legit designer :P) – but I have enough impulse issues as it is with shopping. Between all of the restrictions and rules H&M has and the higher price point, you pretty much need to say “Screw you self-control” and hope you don’t regret it in a year.

In any case, its worked out fairly well for me. Last year, in particular, I was able to look at a decent amount of Wang x HM. This year.. did not go that way. I got to H&M at the usual 10 AM hour. The line was still wrapped around the corner. I peaked inside–actually more like I had to shove my way inside. The Balmain shoppers weren’t too happy about the non-Balmain shoppers making their way into the store, while they were still waiting out in the cold. One girl in particular was completely blocking the door and I basically had to push her to get inside. I promise I’m a nice person; I just don’t like rude people.

I don’t know why she was so huffy, to be honest. It would’ve been easier to rob a bank than to try and break into the Balmain area. It was completely roped off and surrounded by extremely attentive H&M sale associates. Then again, if I’d been waiting in the cold for 4 hours and came in to see this:

I’d be pretty cranky too.

There was pretty much nothing left minus some jewelry and lots of bandeaus. Balmain bandeau any one? The displays were still up, but who knows when they’ll be taking those down. I pretty much decided it was a wash and started browsing instead. With a three day return policy, returns are bound to show up. Hopefully in my size.

I found this dress on the sale rack, in my size, last one left.. at 50% off. Don’t you just love it when that happens? I do.

H&M Studio V-Neck Dress | Size 6 | $49.99 (in-store) $39.99 (online)

Its marked $10 more in-store for whatever reason. I love the cut and fabric a lot. It feels a little luxe and high quality. I’m a bit tempted to order the brown, but see, there’s that self control. Ruining everything… for now.

I also came across this cape, which is all sorts of amazing.

H&M Wool-blended Cape | Size 4 | $129.00

I think I need a size 2 as the 4 was a little bit big, but someone (literally) ran off with it before I could grab it. I love the cut. Its quite flattering for a cape and very easy to move in. I also love that there is a button on each side to keep the cape in place. The fabric is smooth and isn’t fuzzy or linting everywhere. Unfortunately H&M’s wool has always be a little itchy to me, so I wouldn’t purchase it full price.

So no Balmain for me, but at least I found a pretty green dress for the holidays. I might stalk H&M in a couple of days and if I happen to find anything I’ll be sure to report back! 😉

Happy Friday! Thanks for reading.

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