The Faux Fun Continues in Faux Feather Fringe

My alliteration need to be stopped.

Banana Republic Sweater | Express Skirt (size up for length) | Prabal Gurung for Target Flats | Sole Society Clutch

There’s a lot of fringe on the blog lately. I don’t know if this is something I should apologize for considering how much I love fringe.. but I guess if you don’t love fringe, I’m sorry? 😉 The real reason I bought this skirt wasn’t because of the fringe however, but because the chiffon reminded me of tiny little feathers. And it almost moves as light as feathers would too. See, I have a dream (I hope will come true) that one day I’ll own an ostrich feather skirt, but until then this one will do quite nicely. I do like this white version from Express, but normally by the time the right discount promo + coupon combination arrives, my size is all sold out.

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