Striped Janties.

I’ll give you one guess as to what that means.

Pacsun Shirt | Aritzia Shirt | American Eagle Shorts | Target Sneakers | Rebecca Minkoff Bag

I forgot whatever article it was that I discovered the word “janties”, but its now my favorite term to describe the cheek-high shorts I’ve been wearing. Mine aren’t as high as others that I’ve seen, but they definitely warrant plenty of “are her butt cheeks hanging out?” kind of stares. 😉

So naturally I decided it would be best to walk around Manhattan in them.

And we literally did walk all over Manhattan. It wasn’t our first time in New York, so we hit up one of our favorite spots–The Highline–and explored a few we hadn’t before. Amazing, despite being our third or fourth time visiting NY, neither of us had been to Central Park before! Lucky us that we arrived just after the Pope left. We got to explore a bit of it (and really more like 5% because holy heck this park is huge) in absolute solitude. Couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate our one year anniversary!

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