Knock on Wood.

Embrace the button down skirt.

American Eagle Top and Skirt | Express Moto Jacket (Cognac sold out – Black here)| Urban Outfitters Sandals

My brain is in a weird state right now. It wants to think about all things fall–and that includes more oversized cardigans that I don’t need, but its way too hot to be thinking about those oversized cardigans. It was a 100* the day I wore this outfit. 100* at the end of September! I can’t really complain though. If can save my oversized cardis and moto jacket for night temperatures and prance around the beach in a cropped tank and skirt, I’d consider myself one happy panda.

P.S. This skirt is all sorts of stretchy comfy goodness and it doesn’t feel too short. If you’re closet is craving a nice denim button down, I recommend this one from AE. It runs TTS.

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