LC Lauren Conard Runway Review

I promised my next review was going to be much more positive, so here we go!

Lace Maxi Duster | Size 4 | $80.00

Oh magical duster, how I love thee, let me count the ways. I knew the minute I saw this on the runway I needed it in my life. I was crossing my fingers that it would actually fit well and it does! Sort of. Slight height issue, but nothing a good tailor can’t fix (or maybe I can magically grow a couple of inches?). I’m wearing shorts here, but I’m really excited to try this later with a pair of skinnies–assuming this heat wave ever goes away and I get this tailored sooner rather than later. In terms of quality, its good, but not luxe. Its probably more money than I would have like to spend on something at Kohl’s, but I really do love this piece. It can easily go from beach wear to day wear to maybe even night wear. Its a soft, silky kind of polyester and catches the air really well. The lace is light and well balance with the sheer poly. Make sure to look this piece over really well before buying. A couple of weeks inside a Kohl’s store could lead to snagging and tears. This runs small in the shoulders and waist, so I recommend sizing up.

Sequined Pleated Maxi Dress in Green Gables | Size 4 | $80.00

The ombre on this dress is amazing. Its like a beautiful waterfall. Unfortunately that was the only thing I liked about it. Pleats are not my friend and it is especially true in this dress. The waist fit OK, not great, while the chest was too big. I probably needed a 2 in this dress (though, oddly my Kohl’s had no size 2’s available), so I’d say sizing is TTS, but I think it wouldn’t have been very comfortable. The dress was a pain in the butt to get into. The inside lining is quite heavy and since this is a maxi dress there’s a lot of fabric to maneuver. The elastic waist is stiff so I had a hard time getting it over my shoulders. Like most of Kohl’s maxis, the length was perfect for my 5’2.5″ height. The fabric and overall quality is nice, unfortunately this dress just doesn’t work for my body type.

Open-Back Lace Romper | Size 4 | $90.00

This is my “I hope I find you on super clearance one day” item. The sizing is super weird on this romper. It runs a bit small in the waist, so while a size 4 fits me there, it is way, way too big in the chest. Someone with an hour glass figure would look smashing in this. I really adore this romper. I want to chop off the bell sleeves (personal dislike) and some how get the top taken in. Then, then it would be so perfect. And cost about $50 more.

Le sigh.

I love the scalloped hem detailing through out and despite the cream-beige tones, the romper doesn’t feel too granny. Its difficult to recommend a sizing for this. If you have a straight waist then I would recommend sizing up, but just know that the top will need to be altered. If you are on the bustier side, I would recommend trying your normal size first.

Embroidered Pop Over Top and Embroidered Shorts| Size 4 (in both) | $60.00

Omg the waist on these shorts is TINY. I’m wearing a size larger than normal and even then I had to suck all of the air out of my lungs and remove a couple of ribs to zip up properly. I definitely recommend sizing up in the shorts and if you are broad chested, in the top as well. I wish the color of these two pieces was closer to what you see online. In person its a much deeper, more beige, and makes the ensemble feel dated. The embroidery is beautiful and the sheer sleeves aren’t itchy. I would’ve purchased the shorts if the waist hadn’t been so small.

Lace Open-Back Jumpsuit | Size 4 | $70.00

I really liked this jumpsuit on the hanger, but hated it on myself. The blue-gray shade doesn’t do much for my skin tone, especially with the cream colored liner underneath. I had similar fit issues as I did the romper, though not nearly as extreme. The waist runs small, but the top runs big. I have a 30″ inseam, so the length of this was awkward. Not quite ankle, but just a tad shy of full. It will probably look better with heels, or altered to look more like what the model is wearing. I liked the quality of the romper more than this jumpsuit, but I do feel like the style of this jumpsuit will be more versatile.

Tiered Fringe Crop Top in Whisper Pink | Size XS | $50.00

I really wanted to like this top. I mean, there’s so much potential to it how could you not? The tiered fringe provides excellent movement. It can double as a vest since the eyes and hooks are discreet (you would need to remove the brand tag however). Unfortunately, it didn’t fit me well. Or, it did, but it made my chest look very broad and my arms look wide. I also had a hell of of a time trying to hook the back closed. In fact, I didn’t actually get it to close because I couldn’t get the eye and hook to line up. So, apologies for that, but after 10 minutes of struggling I simply gave up. The other thing that was frustrating was the fact that first two tiers are looped. I really want to know whose idea that was and give them a piece of my mind. Worst idea ever. The loops get caught on everything. And I mean everything. At one point, the hanger got tangled up and it took me another 10 minutes to wrangle it free! I do want to try this top in black and hope it will look less broad. I would also cut all of the loops in half and free myself from that burden. The top is nice. The weight feels good (which is why I think it would make a nice vest). Since its cut so wide, however, I don’t recommend sizing up for a longer length and just stick with your normal size.

Lace Trimmed Top in Grey Violet | Size XS | $44.00

This top is a lot prettier in person than it photographs. The lace trim is similar to the long white duster, but the polyester is a bit thicker and shinier. Unfortunately its still thin enough where it picks up every detail, so you’ll need to wear a smooth bra vs a lace one. The overall shape is kind of meh and too pricey for what it is. It doesn’t add anything to the body, but it doesn’t make you hate your body either. I think its a nice piece to have, but it definitely isn’t a must have kind of item. This fit true to size, but has no give, so I recommend sizing up if your in between.

Lace Trimmed Blouse in Hushed Violet | Size XS | $44.00

Again, this is a lot prettier in person than my photos give it justice. The material is the same as the long white duster, with the same level of sheerness. It also runs rather small. I feel like the hulk and am about to bust out in green (or pink?) rage. There’s absolutely no give so, if in doubt size up. The material is light enough where I think sizing up one or two sizes would look nicer and not make you look bigger. I did find a messy long thread in the seam under one of the armpits, but not a deal breaker.

Lace Babydoll Mini Dress | Size 4 | $70.00

The first thought I had after I put this on was, “this would make a great halloween costume if I splashed a bit of blood on it”. I felt a little guilty having this thought (though, really, it would make for a creepy costume), until I snapped a photo of it to my friends. The responses I received not only made me feel less guilty, but also understood why these women were my friends.

“Marrying a vampire”
“Child bride marrying a vampire on a prairie field.”

In any case, enough of our warped sense of fashion. I don’t really mind babydoll dresses, I think a lot of them can be quite cute and still flattering, but the cut on this one wasn’t that. It didn’t really have that swing quality that I love with babydolls. I also hated the sleeves – which seems to be a running theme with this collection. The lace was just on the OK side. Its thick and structured. It didn’t irritate my skin, but it didn’t exactly feel good against my skin either. I wouldn’t recommend this dress if you have really sensitive skin. And again, I’m sorry. I was on a time crunch when I took these and I really didn’t have time to deal with all of those buttons. I purposely picked a wedding dress with a back zip so I wouldn’t have to deal with buttons like that. The dress runs small in the chest, but the armholes are strangely long and will give you a bit of batwings.

Velvet and Tulle Dress | Size 4 | $70.00

This dress totally reminds me of one I wore to prom, so I guess this will be good for the teens. It runs TTS, the 4 I have on here is definitely too big and not flattering. The top really needs to fit you right or else you’ll get that pregnant look. The velvet is semi-soft and stretchy and tulle is not itchy. I don’t really like velvet to begin with–I hate how it feels–so this didn’t have me jumping up and down with excitement. It is an easy dress to wear and quite comfortable.

Sequin Fringe-hem Midi Dress | Size 4 | $80.00

Eek. I need to hunt down a 2 later to try on. This dress is so pretty and effortless–and would look so cute with a moto jacket. There’s a side zip so its easy to get on and off and I love the fringe hem–its so playful. The color is more of a blush than the cream in the photo (I really wish Kohl’s had better lighting). The embroidery is done nicely – no major puckering issues. The inside lining is comfortable and thick enough where you don’t have to worry about the texture or color of your undergarments.

Organza Ball Skirt in Hushed Violet | Size 4 | $78.00

Ok, I know I’m short, but holy heck this skirt is long. I’m wearing the skirt on the smallest part of my waist, which is pretty high up along my torso, and I’m standing on my tippy toes. Also, the waist runs really small and has no give. I barely got the size 4 zipped up and I think I need a 6 to feel comfortable (however, I don’t know what that will do to my hips), so I recommend sizing up. The organza is nice and decent quality, though it wish it was lighter because it looks a bit bulky on my hips.

Jacquard Midi Skirt | Size 8 | $68.00

I love this skirt. It is beautiful. The material is structured but doesn’t feel heavy and the pleats don’t make you look heavy. The jacquard is really nicely done. I’m going to guess that this skirt runs really small too. I accidentally grabbed a size 8 and it fits well. It is resting on my lower waist vs my natural waist, but that is normally my preference. Since I went up a few sizes, its turned the dress from a midi to a tea length–which is a horrible length for me. If I didn’t need alternations I would’ve snatched this up in a heartbeat. I can’t imagine this fabric/cut will be cheap to hem up. I’m really super jealous of any one who has this. >.< Oh, and its also one of the few skirts in this collection that comes with pockets!

Floral Scuba Skirt in Green Gables | Size 4 | $54.00

This is a nice skirt. The waist runs small, so I would recommend sizing up. The scuba is a much nicer scuba than the Milly line had. Its a little thicker/plushier, but still stretchy. I hate how these kind of skirts look on my hips and this is no exception. I love the green floral, however. Its a nice contrast against all the lights and pastels in the line. I also love how the pleats give the skirt a structured and soft feel at the same time. I may try a 6 later on to see if a lowered waist line will improve how this looks on my hips.

Duster Cardigan | Size XS | $80.00

Long, chunky cardigan? Of course I’m going to try this on. 😉 The duster is surprisingly not itchy and fairly soft and plush. I loved everything about it minus the giant buttons they sewed on. The cardigan is TTS, but I feel like the length is a bit awkward on me. Slightly too long, but not long enough to see seem like its on purpose. I may try a size up later to see if I can get it closer to the ground.

Faux Suede Moto Jacket in Hushed Violet | Size 4 | $120.00

This jacket has been all sorts of popular and I really wanted to like it, I did, but I hate the rose gold hardware. The rose gold does make the jacket unique, but I just don’t like it against the blush. I think it might be better with the teal, but I haven’t seen one in person yet to confirm. The fit is great, however. Runs small like most of the line, but doesn’t feel uncomfortable to move in. It looks good open or closed. The faux suede feels a little cheap but not horrible. Overall, its a nice piece to add to your collection (just not at the full price tag ;).

I really liked the LC Runway Collection. If we weren’t going on vacation soon, I’d be purchasing a lot more. Here’s hoping when I get back that its all 50% off and miraculously still available in my size. 😉 I’d still like to try out that teal moto jacket and, ugh, have you guys seen the shoes?

P.S. Since I’ll be traveling for the next few weeks I have a bunch of posts scheduled to go up. It may take me a while to respond to any comments or emails, but I promise to get back to you as soon as we’re home.

Happy Wednesday!

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