Adam Lippes for Target Review

Otherwise known as buy all the bags part two.

I was working at the World Maker Faire in New York this past weekend and couldn’t participate in the Adam Lippes launch. Like a smart little blogger, I did have a friend order a couple of my must have items for me. Imagine my surprise when I woke up Sunday morning and realized everything was still in stock! Did Target finally give us more inventory was this just too much plaid for one collection? Judging by the lack of buzz in the weeks prior, I’m going to go with the latter. There’s only so much you can own right? Well.. at least one one particular pattern. It didn’t stop me, however, from dragging the hubs to Target a couple of hours before our flight!

In general, I do feel like this collection was more of a miss than a hit clothing wise. Sizing ran really big and a lot of the materials felt cheap. The bags, however, are fantastic. I didn’t get a chance to get a good look at the home collection or shoes since I was on a time crunch, so this is more of a mini review.

Belted Layering Vest in Grey & Black Plaid | Size S | $39.99

I was really intrigued by this when I saw it in the look book, but decided against ordering it. As much as I like it, it was a good decision. The overall material is a heavy knit cotton. It has a nice movement and drape. I hate the belted portion of it and would probably never use it. I’m also not a fan of the lapels, but it might be better on an XS. The thing that really killed it for me were the pockets. I originally thought they were a plain knit cotton, but in actuality they’re faux-shearling. Really bad faux-shearling. Which is strange because the shearling on the bags in this collection are quite. I don’t know why they didn’t use the same fabric for the pockets–pockets you have to stick your hands into and are constantly feeling. Instead of soft, plush shearling, you’re greeted with something coarse and plasticky. Ick. In regards to sizing, I’d say this runs TTS-slightly large. The store I went to didn’t have an XS available, so I decided to try on the size small. Its not as evident if left open, but once I belt it off it looks something like a paper bag.

Mohair Fringe Poncho in Red Plaid | Size S/M | $59.99

When I was in elementary school, my oh-so fashion forwarded mother put me in a poncho and sent me off. When you wear glasses the size of your face, are extremely shy and introverted, your full name ends in something that sounds like “DUH”, and your shortened name rhymes with basically everything, you should not wear a poncho. I was forever traumatized from that experience and have not touched once since.

This poncho was like reliving all of that.

To be fair, I think this probably will look best/amazing on taller folks. Not short little people who look like the poncho is swallowing them whole. But aside from that I still found this to be more on the horrendous side. The mohair was somewhat soft, but the inside was not lined and felt something equal to burlap. It was super itchy against my skin and because the material was stiff it just jutted out to the side. I also hated the tassel along the neckline. It was just too much with the fringe hem–which I did love btw. It had great movement. But else it was a pass go do not collect kind of item.

Shawl Collar Cardigan Sweater in Blue Plaid | Size S | $39.99

Hellllooo cardigan I plan on living in! Its nice to meet you. And wear you. And snuggle with–oh, getting a bit carried away there. Obviously I love this. Crazy love this. It is exactly what I would hope it would be. Oversized, warm and super cozy-comfortable. The material is a 100% knit cotton. It feels substantial and has a great drape. The only thing I wish is that it came in an XS so I could get shorter sleeves, but I’m willing to overlook this. I will say that if you are interested in this cardigan, makes sure you take a good long inspection. I found several snags on the first one I picked up. Since I wasn’t there for launch I don’t know if they came that way or if it was just from store abuse, but either or its something to watch out for.

Mohair Coat in Grey & White Plaid | Size XS | $69.99

This coat suffers from the same misfortune as the poncho. There’s no lining so the inside feels like burlap. The shape is awful. I love car and cocoon coats – they’re my favorite kind of coats and seriously hated this. I think, even if this had fit TTS (this runs very large) it would not have fit well due to the poor material.

Cowl Neck Fringe Sweater in Oatmeal Plaid | Size S | $39.99

Huzzah! Second favorite item from the collection and one of two from my must have list. I picked a good list this time around. The size small is a bit too wide in the shoulders for but I like how it drapes in the body. I have an XS coming to me in the mail so I hope that one fits perfectly. I think this is TTS, but won’t know for sure until I get the XS in. I normally hate anything around my neck but this is just soft and loose enough where I don’t think I will be bothered by it. Only time will tell how true that statement is, however. The material is the same as the Men’s cardigan. 100% heavy knit cotton. This will be such a great layering piece, I’m only sad that I have to wait until we get back from Japan to play with it!

Shell Crepe Tank in Painterly Plaid Black | Size XS | $27.99

I don’t know what is going on with this tank, but I don’t like it. Its cut really oddly. The top is quite fitted (runs TTS) but the bottom balloons out and I feel like I look pregnant. The material is decent and the top is actually lined, so I feel like it would have been worth the money if it hadn’t been cut so oddly.

Button Down Crepe Blouse in Blue Painterly Plaid | Size S | $29.99

This is a tiny bit big in the body, but else I’d say this runs small. The material is the same as the tank-nice and lined, but with a much better cut. I’m not a fan of how this looks on myself but I think its a nice top to own if you like it.

Crew Neck Sweater in Grey Plaid | Size M | $34.99

I’m a bit tempted to order this online, but I think I will wait until we get back from vacation. I really like it, however. I apparently love most of the cotton knit from this line. I do need this the Small because the sleeves are ridiculously long on me in the Medium. I like how this wears on my body and the neckline doesn’t feel too small.

Shearling Jacket in Oatmeal Plaid | Size XS | $59.99

There are no words for how I look in this. None. Well, no, I lie. There are tons. Lot of bad, bad words that are floating by so fast I cannot comprehend. This runs a bit small and very, very boxy. The shearling is nice however. Its really cozy and has a nice lining. I just feel like I’m going to go play football in the Himalayas in it.

Shearling Bucket Crossbody in Natural | $34.99

Not gonna lie, I really want this. It so cute and fuzzy, and ridiculously impractical. I would be so paranoid about the shearling getting dirty (which btw is so nice and plush) that I would probably never use it. BUT IT’S SO CUTE. Ugh. Maybe if I find it on clearance later I can justify it sitting my closet protected by glass. 😛 Overall the quality of this seems nice. The faux leather feels thick and structured and like it won’t tear easily. I didn’t get a chance to peek inside but since its a bucket bag I imagine there will be plenty of room for your things. The only thing I didn’t really like was the stitching attaching the crossbody strap to the bag. It looks flimsy, but I’m assuming its all glued down so it should still last a while before falling apart.

Weekender Patchwork Bag in Black & White Plaid | $49.99

I love this weekender bag and will probably be ordering this when I get back (assuming I have any money left anyways). The wool fabric feels soft and the bag its self is structured nicely. Its not as structured as it appears to be because they filled the inside with cardboard, but it isn’t flimsy. I did take a peak inside this one and there are some inside pockets as well. I love the fact that it comes with a crossbody. Its probably the only thing missing from my 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target weekender bag. I debate between this and the Shearling version in Black & Grey Plaid because I’d be worried about the white getting dingy. Or maybe I’ll just get both. Its not like my closet isn’t already bursting with weekender bags…

Shearling Backpack in Oatmeal Plaid | $39.99

I want to say that I love this backpack, but I think I’m getting a bit repetitive at the end of this review. But.. I do love it. The quality is the same as the other bags in this line. Its such a cute shape and the perfect size for my frame. I may need a larger travel backpack at some point, but probably only use this backpack for events where I know I don’t need to put it on the ground. If this came in the black & grey plaid like the weekender, I would snatch it up in a minute.

And that’s it for this review. Thanks for reading!

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