Thakoon for DesigNation (Kohl’s) Review

Oh Kohl’s, just when I start thinking you’re getting good, you go and do something like this.

Plaid Flannel Vest | Size XXS | $120

This was the one item I was most excited for and I hated it the minute I pulled it out of the box. It felt cheap. And unusually thin. It actually felt like the kind of item you’d pick up at one of those fast fashion kind of boutiques. And I know that Kohl’s is never worth retail cost, but their past collaborations have been pretty good in terms of fabric and quality, so I was expecting something of the same. Instead, we got 99% polyester (and definitely not the good kind of polyester) and 1% wool. 1%! Goodness, what was even the point of that 1%? Its not like lycra or elastine where that 1% has value. 1% of wool will not help keep you warm. In any case, this went straight back to the store, damp with my tears of disappointment.

In terms of sizing, this runs big. I’m normally between an XXS and XS in Kohl’s collabs, and a XXS fit me perfectly in the shoulders, but ran wide in the body.

Hooded Scarf | One Size | $48

I really, really wish this was a vest and not a weird hooded scarf thing, that, really, only looks good if you layer something on top. Else, its just weird. But imagine how great this could’ve been as a long vest? Ugh. The fabric is actually nice and plushy – not itchy at all.

Iconic Graphic Crewneck Tee | Size XS | $38

I’m starting to think I just don’t like Kohl’s tees. The graphics are always so cute, but the fits just don’t agree with me. The fabric was only OK, it was a bit too stiff for my liking (read: not a good drape), but on the plus side it isn’t sheer. I’m fairly certain they must’ve sized up on the model to get the neckline the way its shown.

Cable Knit Flyaway Cardigan in Ivory Black | Size XS | $78.00

I wanted to like this, I really did. Its chunky, sort of drapey, and full of different shades of black. It should be perfect. But its not. The fit is lacking, maybe an XXS might have been better, but I can’t say for sure. The fabric is itchy and my skin got irritated within a few minutes of trying it on. In general, while this is meant to be oversized, I would recommend sizing down, if possible. Because of the cut and material, your normal size will end up making you look bigger instead of cozy!

Cable-knit Fit & Flare Dress in Burgundy | Size XS | $70.00

This is one of the few items I didn’t hate, but I also didn’t love it for myself. I think this would look great on someone with a longer torso. Its a really nice basic sweater dress. The cut is a young, however (and short). It reminds me of things I wore when I was in college or high school, but can easily be dressed up to look more grown up. The fabric is soft and comfortable. I’m wearing an XS here, but could’ve sized up to a small for length and still look like it fit well.

Dot Shift Dress | Size XS | $74.00

Ok, so the cut of this dress is horrendous for me. I feel like I’m wearing a muumuu. However, the fabric is amazing. Its a heavy polyester-spandex blend (but doesn’t feel heavy) and has the best movement ever. The asymmetrical pleat really adds to it. I really wish this dress fit me well. I would twirl in it all day long. Its super comfortable. I’m wearing an XS here. You can see that it fits perfectly on my arms and chest, but too wide in the body. I highly recommend this dress if it fits you well. This is the one item I would actually consider purchasing later on clearance to alter.

Mock-layer Boatneck Sweater in Ivory Black | Size XS | $68.00

Disclaimer: I hate half shirts. And by half I mean they only bothered with the front and forgot about the back. Y’know what I’m talking about. Those shirts with patterns/lace only in then suddenly the back is just solid. So it should come to no surprise that I do not like this mock sweater. I would have liked (minus the itchy fabric) if they had continued the white “shirt” in the back, but they didn’t. But if you’re not like me and aren’t biased against half shirts, then this isn’t a bad one to get. Again, minus the fact the fabric is itchy. The thick knit works well with the fake shirt underneath and doesn’t make you look bulky like the fly away cardigan. I’d say the sweater runs TTS, but maybe short in the torso.

Iconic Graphic Crewneck Sweater | Size XS | $60.00

Things I am certain of: They sized up and pinned back the sweater on the model. I’m actually going to go with two sizes given how difficult it was to get my head through the crewneck. It is ridiculously small and uncomfortable. I don’t really like crewnecks to begin with, so having one this tight made this sweater an easy no. It is also cut for someone with a longer torso as it bagged and billowed on me weirdly. The fabric also reminds me of something that I have from Old Navy, but without the Old Navy price tag. Its a cute graphic, but again, the cut is not quite there.

Print Pocket Shirt in Chambray | Size XS | $54.00

I love-hate this shirt. I love the idea of it, but hate the execution. The material is too stiff for the cut. They should’ve done a much more tailored design if they were going to use this type of cotton. Or, if they wanted to go for a boxy look with a back drape (which is how this is cut), they should have mixed some modal into the fabric. Actually, the poly-spandex mix on the dot shift dress would’ve been great for this cut. In any case, the shirt fits TTS, but way too wide the body (seems to be a theme). The hem is also too straight for my liking. This seems to be more the kind of shirt you tuck in and leave tucked in.

Welp, that’s all for today. Sorry this is such a negative review. I promise my one of the Lauren Conrad Runway collection is much more positive. Given how close the launch dates were, it almost feels like Kohl’s invested more effort into LC Runway than Thakoon. There is a lot I wasn’t able to try on (my store doesn’t get a wide selection), and hopefully the other pieces in this collection were much better.

Thanks for reading!

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